Tom Skullery

Ralph Steadman is a British artist and cartoonist whose style is defined by energetic ink splatters and grotesque, natty figures, known for his collaboration with American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Steadman works with pen and brush in ink, also using acrylic and oil paint, etching, silk screen, and collage. Distinctive visual language along with his political and social caricatures, cartoons and picture books made Steadman one of the most popular artists of the 20th century.

One Sunday afternoon, whilst watching the Ralph Steadman documentary “For No Good Reason”, I was compelled to bust out some inks and see what came to fruition. The result is what you see to the right. Oh, by the way, the pink hues you see in the background is in fact beet juice because…. why not?

After a few weeks of staring at the original iteration, a composition started to take shape and thus Tom Skullery was born!

Tom’s name is a play on the term tomfoolery, as Tom was literally created through fooling around with ink.

Tom Skullery has gone on to become one of the branding elements of Angkst of Boredem.

The evolution of Tom Skullery

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