Brand Development - Store Assets - Social Media

From the fall of 2020 to the summer of 2021, I was employed as a bud tender at Kushys Cannabis, in my hometown of Pembroke, ON. During this time Kushys had just opened and were still solidifying their brand identity.

I took on the task of helping Kushys develop assets for their company: business cards, website assets and product information cards. I also took on the responsibility of managing their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

*I did not design or create the Kushys logo nor did I design or create the logos for any of the cannabis product manufacturer’s. Those assets were sourced from their respective websites and ad collateral

business cards

In the spirit of cannabis consumption, it was only fitting to design a business card that doubles as a set of filters for your rolling pleasure.

cannabis info cards

Info cards were needed to go with the cannabis "bud" display table which would showcase the latest strains of the time. It was a fun challenge using the various branding elements of each grower to create these eye catching cards.

brand assets

Kushys required graphic buttons for both their in store ordering system and website to promote specific products and product categories.

digital signage

Kushys utilizes an optisign digital signage system. I created a series of signage boards to advertise current promotions, top strains and price drops.

social media

In developing content for social media, I essentially did design on the fly; utilizing brand assets from the various companies that were in Kushys' product offerings, and creating visuals to help promote products and events.


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