Rockin for the Veterans

A Facebook Event Campaign

Music Healing Veterans is a not-for-profit organization of veteran and civilian volunteers with the objective of bringing FREE music instruction, loaner equipment and companionship to our local: Military Veterans, First Responders, Medical, Corrections Canada, and Canada Border Services personnel.

At the beginning of December 2023 I was invited by Jake Weckwerth, a local musician who I have worked with on a few previous projects, to assist in creating a visual identity for a charity music festival he was organizing. And so, Rockin for the Veterans was born.

Brand Identity - Hero Image

The branding for Rockin for the Veterans was incredibly important in order to establish a recognizable visual identity for the event. Make it ICONIC!

Immediately, visions of Woodstock came to my mind; Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, peace, love and rock ‘n roll! These ideas were also closely aligned with the spirit of the event.

I experimented with some prompts in midjourney and created a series of images. The two you see are what ultimately became the hero image for Rockin for the Veterans.

ai generated image of a veteran rockstar
ai generated image of a drum kit and guitar exploding in colored inksplats

Merch Design

Video Promos

I created a series of promotional videos to bring attention and spread awareness for the event.

In addition to the general event promos, I put together an ‘Artist Spotlight’ video for each performer in the Rockin’ for the Veterans lineup.

Donor Spotlights


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